National Defense

JOFPAC supports candidates who are committed to fully funding for Nation's defenses; to providing the brave men and women of our armed forces with the training and resources they need and to supporting the families of our service members.

We seek to promote veterans to Congress because of their patriotism, sense of duty and understanding of the defense issues our nation faces.

Government Accountability

The greater the distance between the people and their government, the less accountable the government is to the people. Such distance is measured not only in miles, but the sheer size and scope of the federal government. The bigger is it, the less responsive it is to the individual citizen. It’s common sense that your voice carries more weight at City Hall than in the halls of Congress or the Environmental Protection Agency.

Transparency and a renewed devotion to federalism are the pillars of federal accountability. Simple measures such as requiring bills to be published far in advance of a congressional vote; making federal budgets easily accessible via the Internet; requiring Congress to approve any federal regulation that significantly impacts the economy or our liberties; respecting the 10 Amendment by devolving federal powers back to the states and the people, where they belong.

Enact such policies and the government will become progressively more accountable to the citizens it is supposed to serve. When the Jobs, Opportunity and Freedom PAC weighs in on behalf of a candidate, you can be certain her or she is a strong support of making government more accountable to the people.

Balanced Budget

Once upon a time, elected officials viewed achieving a balanced budget as a moral duty instead of vaguely desirable ideal like world peace. Given the apocalyptic reactions to demands for a balanced budget provoke from liberal members of Congress, one would think they were being asked to split the atom.

Balancing the budget isn’t alchemy or sorcery. It doesn’t require secret knowledge or superhuman political sacrifice. What it does require is political will, opposition to thieving from our children’s and grandchildren’s future to satisfy the spending lobby of today, a firm belief in limited government and a mastery of basic arithmetic.

Balancing the budget isn’t easy – but it is simple. We did it as recently as the 1990s Not only did it produce surpluses “as far as the eye can see” but it even put paying off the national debt within reach. This didn’t happen by accident, nor produced by historical forces beyond our control. It was the result the simple combination of spending restraint and tax and regulatory policies that spurred strong economic growth. It was the predictable consequence of deliberate policy choices made by the Congress and the White House.

Now we are faced with massive deficits as far as the eye can see – again, due to deliberate choices by our elected representatives. Endlessly piling up debt is unsustainable. Sooner or later, the bill comes due – and in the meantime the enormous interest payments on that debt prevent America from devoting resources to constitutional priorities like national defense.

At the Jobs, Opportunity and Freedom PAC, we know a return to balanced budgets requires a Congress with more fiscal hawks and fewer spendocrats. We also support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. The Founding Fathers believed the necessity of a balanced budget to be so self-evident that now constitutional requirement was necessary. Today, the special interests fueling federal spending are so powerful a Balanced Budget Amendment is needed to compel Congress and the President to do what every American family does – balanced income with spending.

Limited Government

A vigorous, effective government is necessary for our liberty, prosperity and security. Indeed, the Constitution of the United States was drafted and ratified in order to strengthen the power of the federal government.

But limited government is the bulwark of individual liberty. The Constitution imposes strict limits on the federal government. As keen students of history, the Founders knew government’s nature is to grow, and the tendency of those in government is to gather to themselves, often for noble reasons, more power over their fellow citizens. They understood human nature was unchanging, and therefore enumerated the powers of the federal government and dispersed them among three co-equal branches of government, each with the means to check the accumulation of too much power by the others.

Today, limited government in America is greater danger than ever – the results of decades of the liberal, progressive drive to replace limited, constitutional government with an unlimited, administrative state. The Founders would be stunned by the scope of modern federal power, and the degree to which law making has been devolved onto unelected bureaucrats intruding their regulatory reach further into our lives.

Turning the tide requires electing candidates who want to restore limited federal government – and in this there is no substitute for helping constitutional candidates defeat advocates of unlimited government – and this the core of Jobs, Opportunity and Freedom PAC’s mission.

Job Creation

“Work was made for man, and man was made for work.” So the old saying goes.

Fewer than two-thirds of adults are actually looking for work – the highest level in decades. The Obama Administration boasts about reducing the unemployment rate from its Great Recession peak, but that number only counts those who are actively seeking employment. The tragic truth is the Obama Administration has “reduced” unemployment because millions have given up and stopped looking for jobs that aren’t being created. Idleness corrodes the human spirit. It undermines ambition and the drive for self-improvement. It’s scandalous that an American administration would deliberately pursue economic policies that retard job creation and thereby force millions of Americans into idleness when they would rather be working.

When the federal government removes barriers to job creation by lowering taxes, cutting regulations and generally reducing the cost of employing people, the free market responds by creating jobs in abundance. This has been proven over and over in American history: adherence to such policies unleashed long, powerful economic booms in the 1920s, 1960s, 1980s and 1990s.

We don’t need to re-invent the wheel. We know what kind of policies spur job creation, and which ones stunt it. What we need are enough members of Congress who also know, and who possess the political will to enact them. Our mission is supporting candidates and causes which will advance pro-job, pro-growth policies.

Economic Opportunity

The United States is unique in world history because our Founders deliberately ordered our system of government to secure for us the “pursuit of happiness” and the “blessings of liberty.” Today, we would call those by an additional name: economic opportunity.

The right of a person to rise, to go as far as someone’s talent and hard work can take them is written into the founding promise of this country. For centuries, it has drawn millions to these shores from around the globe. The abundance of economic opportunity transformed an isolated, thinly populated wilderness country into the world leading economic power in the span of a single century.

Tragically, the policies of the Obama years jeopardize that heritage. Higher taxes and proliferating regulations are choking economic opportunity. The Obama Administration is deliberately trying to extinguish entire sectors of the economy – and the jobs and communities that go with them.

The Jobs, Opportunity and Freedom PAC is dedicated to the proposition that if the federal government sets the table with lower taxes, fewer regulations and equal treatment for all, the free enterprise system will do the rest. That is what history teaches: capitalism has lifted literally billions of people out of poverty around the world. It’s when government bureaucrats begin thinking they can pick winners and loser and plan our economic future for us that economic opportunity shrinks, risk-taking ends and the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit dies.

Our mission is to support candidates and causes who have not forgotten that enduring truth, and who will fight to restrict the federal government to its constitutional role in fostering economic opportunity.

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